Uyghur Canadian Solidarity

The Uyghur Canadian Solidarity is an organization founded in March 2000 to promote Uyghur culture and serve the needs of the Uyghur Canadian community of Canada. It is the first Uyghur organization established by the first wave of Uyghur immigrants. Since then, it has worked tirelessly almost two decade for the promotion of the rights of Uyghur people and preservation of the flourishing Uyghur culture, tradition and historic legacy in Canada.
The Uyghur Canadian Solidarity advocates and support Uyghur people and other natives of East Turkistan (so called Xinjiang Uyghur Autonmous Region by China) to use peaceful and democratic ways to determine their own political future in their historic homeland. Uyghur Canadian Society works with government institutions and non-government organizations for building bridges and realization of Canadian Uyghur’s democratic aspirations.
The Uyghur Canadian aims to preserve Uyghur language, heritage and culture through organizing celebrations of Uyghur holidays, running a school and other cultural and educational activities.
Additionally, to facilitate the development of a unified and flourishing Uyghur Canadian community, the UCS holds events and social gatherings and aims to help individuals of Uyghur descent to be valuable members of the larger Canada society.