Presentation by Mehmet Tohti at Human Rights Hearing on Uyghurs in Human Rights Subcommittee

October 2nd 2018, Ottawa, Canada

Dear Members of Human Rights Subcommittee of Canadian Parliament,
1) On behalf of Uyghur Canadian community from cost to cost, I would like to thank each member to give us this opportunity to shed a light on the dire situation of Uyghurs that continued with intensification by Chinese government.
2) Uyghurs are Turkic speaking people living in their ancestral home land in East Turkistan, which was changed as Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region in October 1955, right after Chinese annexation in 1949, along with southern Mongolia and Tibetan.
3) Human rights emergency of Uyghurs requires urgent and resolute response from Canada and other Western democracy due to extent of atrocity and millions of Uyghurs and other native ethnic groups who are affected.
4) As we speak right now, according to some media reports, millions of Uyghurs are held in concentration camps extrajudicially by Chinese government.
5) Uyghurs are 1.5% of total population in China, yet 25% of total prisoners in China are Uyghurs, excluding those millions held in concentration camps.
6) Uyghur identity such as language, culture, history and unique architecture, religious belief, including Islamic dietary, praying, keeping religious books at home, religious sanctuaries, mosques,

7) Since the arrival of Chen Quanguo in late 2016, text book example of ethnic cleansing, collective punishment and dehumanization of Uyghur people became routine and raised fear and alarm on what will be next to them.

Chinese extended hand in Rohinga genocide is well known. Now Uyghurs are paying extremely high price as nation, for Chinese ambitious plan that was spearheaded and owned by Xi Jinping. Chinese Belt and Road Initiative or presented as 21st century marshal plan is intended to colonize weaker and poor nation by debt trap and replace China as global boss eventually. East Turkistan is where 4 land corridors for BRI project branches out to Central Asia, Part of Europe, Middle-east and Africa.
9) China now is sealing off entire region, cutting off communication in and out, building hundreds of concentration camps that holding millions of Uyghurs without any charges or any terms of release. Continuous expansion of concentration camps in open bid and building crematories in every counties in the region reminded us past sad history from 1940s. If anyone doubts that this is a kind of exaggeration, I recommend them to flip history books that recorded more than 80 million civilian death in 1950s by communist party.
10) Especially as it is reported by associated press, Chinese government is separating Uyghur children from their living parents and locking them down in children’s’ camps with barbed wire and heavy security under the name of Kindergarten.
11) Recent reports confirmed that large number of Uyghur inmates are being transferred to mainland China by stopping regular railroad services for civilians.
12) Canadian citizens of Uyghur origin have been victimized with harassment, threat and intimidation by Chinese government through hostage taking of their family members since long time. Canadian citizen of Uyghur origin Mr. Huseyin Jelil is still serving his life sentence in China since 2006.
13) Despite numerous updates, briefings to our government officials, despite high level public statement by US government, including VP Pence, Sec of State. Pompeo, US senate and Congress, despite urgent calls by UN and EU on China number of times to close those camps and release the Uyghur victims, Canada has yet to issue public statement to acknowledge this crises and condemn 21st century concentration camps that holding millions of Uyghurs. This double standard that Canada is uniquely holding, in compare to other western democracy, not only undermines our credibility as champion of promoting Human Rights globally, it has already given the impression that we issue statement on the base of country select. This double standard approach will keep our head down when history records the cries of Uyghurs in future.

Following is my recommendations to the attention of this committee
✓ I ask Canadian parliament to adapt binding resolution for urging Canadian government to follow UN, EU and US response to Uyghur crises and issue strong public statement immediately.
✓ I urge Subcommittee to hold second urgent hearing in shortest possible time and listen more firsthand witnesses to understand what is really going on in those concentration camps. I will assist all my capacity to make such organization possible.
✓ Send parliamentary fact finding mission to East Turkistan to observe 21st century Orwellian State and talk with Uyghur victims.
✓ Urge Canadian government, to follow the footstep of Germany and Sweden, issue moratorium and halt deportation of Uyghur refugees back to China.
✓ Urge Canadian government to accept 3000-4000 Uyghur refugees currently trapped in Turkey in fear of deportation back to China at any time. They are living without any access to humanitarian relief. UNHCR process is taking more than 4 years.
✓ Especially Uyghur families with new born child abroad are experiencing hardship as they could not get citizenship for their kids. China is pushing them to go back to and refusing to issue ID documents. New born Uyghur kids thus became stateless in many countries where birth-right citizenship is not granted.
✓ Urge Immigration and Citizenship Canada to review their policy for Uyghurs refugees and speed up in processing their refugee claim.
✓ Finally ask government of Canada to use Canadian Magnetisky Act to punish those Chinese officials how are responsible for this crime against Humanity occurring to Uyghurs.

Thank you and looking forward answering your questions.

Submission on Behalf of Uyghur Canadian Society on 42nd Parliament 1st session on Oct 02, 2018

Presentation by Mehmet Tohti at Human Rights Hearing on Uyghurs in Human Rights Subcommittee …

Posted by Mehmet Tohti on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

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