After parliamentary study on Uyghur ‘genocide’, Canada pushes for sanctions on Chinese officials

ANI Ottawa, Canada Nov 17, 2020

After a parliamentary study established “genocide” against the Uyghurs in China, members of Parliament in Canada are continuing to push for the Justin Trudeau led-government to impose sanctions on Chinese officials for human rights abuses.

“Some of the testimony we heard was so horrendous that I`m certain some people would actually look at this and think it`s a movie script. But this is actually happening,” Conservative MP David Sweet was quoted by Global News.

These remarks come after a subcommittee last month released a statement detailing the findings of their study into the human rights situation of Uyghur and other Turkic Muslims in the Xinjiang province.Responding to the report, Sweet said, “We encourage the government as well… that they would align with, certainly our Commonwealth partners, and make sure that we`re establishing a very clear response to the bully tactics from the Chinese Communist Party.”

Besides Sweet, Heather McPherson said that Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has spoken about the issue, adding that “we have heard the words that Minister Champagne and the prime minister have said, but what we are looking for is further action, of course, and hopefully that this statement and our subsequent report will lead to greater impact and greater action, particularly working with our allies.

“In the report published in October, the subcommittee said that human rights abuses, ranging from mass detentions, to forced sterilizations, to claims of widespread organ harvesting and coerced labour.”

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